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  • Shopping Process - ICSTREET Chip Mall

    Welcome to ICSTREET Chip Mall | Register

    Shopping Process

    1. Register the member and log in

    1). Click the "Register" link in the upper right corner of the home page;

    2). Enter the registration information fill in the page, fill in your valid mailbox or mobile phone number and complete the registration. Register your mailbox or cell phone Please use your real information, so that the system sends an activation message or SMS, account activation before normal login.


    2. Select the model you want to purchase

    1). Through the home page recommended models: Mall's home page will have our recommended advantages of goods, you can directly click into the product details page to view more comprehensive information.

    2). By entering the type of keyword search: in the mall's head search box to enter the model you want keywords, click on the "search" button, will automatically match the list of eligible items, you can click on the model to view the product details Or add the goods you need to the shopping cart.


    3. Add a shopping cart

    Users in the search page to find the need to buy the product, you can understand the gradient in the window and modify the purchase price, determine the price and quantity directly after the shopping cart; also click on the product name to enter the product details page, see more information add to Shopping Cart.


    4. Confirm the order information

    1). On the "Submit Orders" page, please fill in the correct shipping information and delivery so that we can send the goods to you in time.

    2). Choose the payment method, we provide payment methods are: online banking payments, WeChat payment, Alipay, Paypal payment, bank transfer and so on.

    3). Fill out the invoice information and finalize the order information. If you have special requirements, you can fill in the remarks column, your exclusive customer service will be processed for you in a timely manner.


    5. Submit the order

    Once you've completed all of the above processes, click "Submit Orders" and pay them based on the payment method you selected. After the order is submitted, the order number will be displayed, and we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail, indicating that we have received your order.


    Product Index :

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